Yutaliwa Janet

She is an orphan who was raped by a one Samil on her way from school in the evening hours, Jane is a blind jolly girl whose future has been put in a dilemma against her wish, she stays with her auntie who is also not in position to even afford the medication of the baby later on the teenage mother. Baby Kintu is now 9 months with sickness complications. This situation is alarming due to the stories that surround it. The head teacher of the school primary school which Janet dropped out of because of the pregnancy intimates in an interview with us that though blind, she was one commited student who always arrived on time unlike the routine of arriving late by other students, participated in various child rights clubs and was always open to new benefiting ideas. Today, Janet sits home with nothing tangible to do, with a baby whose father disappeared and no serious support from her family members. In all that has happened to her, she still holds hope of going back to school to complete the journey of education that she had embarked on. Teenage mothers and child support foundation has raised immediate help of counselling, taking the baby for immunization but alot is still pending. We therefore call on for any help to allow us foster the designed intervention exercise to this situation.

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