Strategic Project Objective

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1. To address our beneficiaries needs holistically with a combination of safe, open learning environments, compassionate psycho-social support and carefully sequenced materials that foster cognitive development, rehabilitation and positive living.


Our intervention(s) greatly involves:

  • Supporting provision of young people focused contraception trusted by the teenagers and well known by professionals working with young people (e.g Emergency Contraception & Hotspot condom dispenser both in clinical and non-clinical settings)
  • Supporting professional health workers’ ability to engage with young people in their friendly settings (outreaches)
  • Promotion of sign-posting of sexual health services with details of help-lines that allow speedy referrals)
  • Supporting community – facility and facility – community clear referral systems for most teenage related services
  • Supporting access to health services that promote comprehensive prevention, care & treatment of chronic illness
  • Supporting easy access to long acting reversible contraception for vulnerable young women
  • Promoting sexual behavioural change for healthy relationships
  • Promoting breastfeeding for health benefits
  • Promoting sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Workforce trainings and following-up on trainings and supportive supervision in referral catchment areas
  • Engaging cultural and religious leaders in promoting sexual behavioral change attitudes (Cultural & Spiritual integration)
  • Sharing tailored information that meets the needs of young people
  • Promoting housing stability (affordable housing in a safe neighborhood, rehabilitation home / centers attachments)
  • Promoting safe clean affordable water access
  • Promoting financial stability, financial literacy and seeking out partnerships with businesses that provide economic opportunities to young people’s work
  • Mend/maintaining family ties through continued counseling
  • Promoting young people economic development activities
  • Advocate for focused services that encourage young people to value / respect themselves and the need to resist non-developmental pressure
  • Promote alternative skilled education for youth identified as being at risk of un-wanted pregnancy
  • Encourage teenagers / youths to continue with education opportunity access with the one-to-one tuition support.
  • Involving young people in designing of services that are commissioned as specialized interventions, through regular feedback researching
  • Provide and support arenas for young people and their communities to discuss local issues advancing poor sexual health seeking behaviors (such as round table dialogue meetings)



Research carried out in many villages of Uganda have shown that 95% of teenage girls and teenage mothers in villages face difficulty accessing hygienically accepted sanitary towels to use during menstruationand as a result use dried banana fibers (see image) as sanitary pads. Our sanitary towel project, which has reached over 319 girls so far,is designed to make “Re-Usable sanitary pads” like in the image above to help these young girls and equip them with these manufacturing skills. The probable challenge of sharing their re-usable sanitary towels with their mothers or other women in the household is greatly discouraged during the skills development transfer process. Great hygiene practices are promoted during the washed thoroughly between uses.


Our water project promotes Access to Safe clean water which is a means to Life. The lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are the root causes of poverty, hunger and diseases throughout Uganda. Our water projects reaching over 200 people, is particularlydesigned to support women, teenagers and children, who have the responsibility to gather water for their families every day of their lives. TMCSF Charity’s water projects are tooled to create sustainable socio-economic development in the poor rural communities of Uganda.

With your support, the water project, has transformed people’s lives as explained by our Executive Director:
Access to clean safe water truly changes lives. We know that when a water resource is installed for a town or a village, girls return to school as they no longer need to spend much of their daystime travelling many kilometres to collect water. Women begin small businesses. Men are no longer too sick to work. Fields are watered and food supply becomes more reliable. Health returns and children grow up to be productive members of their community. The cycle of poverty is broken. Lives change. Access to clean, safe water isn’t an end, it is a means. When water comes… everything changes.
~ Mayanja Josh
Executive Director, TMCSF Uganda


Adequate clothing is a standard basic need to human development (acceptable dressing, body warmth, smartness etc), and when it comes to teen parents and their child(ren) clothing access is very important, hence clothes donations are making a great difference to our program beneficiaries with over 1,020 individual so far reached with clothing support. The originally forgotten children and families now smartly shine in these brilliant color clothes in their social gathering.


We have connected healthcare volunteers with over 2,000 children and their families through life-saving surgeries, blood donations, checkups (HIV Aids, Malaria, Polio, Hepatitis, etc) and treatment (Deworming, Vaccinating, etc). The access to quality care in villages is far inferior to what even the most underprivileged children can access in major cities. Due to lack of education, financial resources, and adequate medical services, these children live such a vulnerable life.

We have carried-out HIV Aids testing and Counseling, mental & physical support of infected adolescents with the help of our partners and with more partnership donor support we anticipate to reach even more. Join us.


We have improved on a waiting home / maternity unit for new teenage mothers at all our centers that can handle 20 patients at one moment. The waiting home provides nutritional training to teenage mothers in attendance as well as resolve complications which emerge in the latter stages of pregnancy. In Uganda expectant mothers often travel long distances / journey to the clinic, and end up into early labour So teenage mothers-to-become to the unit late, often only as they go into labour hence the need for more easily accessible maternity centers if possible.

More Project intervention Partnership is required, please contact us for more details.

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