Our Five Program Areas

Advocacy & Research

Through the advocacy strategy, we position ourselves to tell the stories of the teenage mothers transitioning from a vulnerable, under privileged state to a less vulnerable state.

We advocate for the reduction of key causes to teenage pregnancies that lead to vulnerable teenage mothers by providing and supporting arenas for young people and their communities engagement on addressing issues advancing teenage pregnancies.Teenage Mothers Against Teenage Motherhood (TMATM) approach is a tool used at TMCSF to build a critical mass of the teenagers who have gone through teenage pregnancy as ambassadors to speak against teenage pregnancy hence promoting prevention.

Through the research strategy, we position ourselves to use systematic methods for monitoring progress on approaches that seek understanding of the local population knowledge and practices in relation to teenage behavioral challenges (Data is collected from various service source).

Our researching greatly supports programmatic decision making and management led by accurate data and information generation (Local proxy measurers are in place are routinely promoted to support our researching). This positively impact the adolescence because they get information on their challenges and initiate possible solutions from the experienced sources.

Rehabilitation & Re-Integration

Our rehabilitation program strategyis used to building trusted healthy parenthood relationships among young people that reduce more unplanned pregnancies. (Teen mothers with supportive partner relationships greatly reduce postnatal depression, also survivors’ of sexual violence including unplanned pregnancy challenge need sensitive / supportive care in friendly environment settings)

Primary and Secondary Prevention measures are used appropriately: Through health Education and Sensitization on good parenthood we promote attitude change towards sex, relationships, parenthood and other benefits of delaying sex or practicing dual protection (use of contraception and condom as part of the sexual health services.We involve the cultural, political and religious leaders on improving their understanding and support to early childhood pregnancy and early child marriages reduction. Family and formal education reintegration is greatly encouraged.

Implementation of Safe Motherhood pillars: Safe and healthy pregnancy throughout to childbirth and parenting pillars are promoted. This safe motherhood encompasses social and cultural factors, as well as addresses health systems and health policy.

Capacity Building

Our capacity building program strategyinvolves the promotion of easy access to comprehensive services and appropriate follow-up support. Our ambition is that all young people should have the skills, confidence and motivation to delay parenthood until the right time of manageable challenges.

Various tailored trainings to be healthy, staying safe, achieving success, and living positively as parents are some of the many capacity building service areas we promote. Customerized equipments are also given as part of possible income generation. In capacity building, we do not only stop with the adolescent girls but include adolescent boys and the community at large to inform them of the challenge teenage mother’s face and the risk that may befall their children. It is our belief that engagement of the community elders will avoid communities of cultural activities that risk the adolescent girls, good parenting based on good cultural practices. On the other hand, engaging adolescent boys promises sustainability in preventing teenage pregnancy.


In protection of teenage mothers and their children we focus on three areas i.e. birth registration, justice and health for both the mother and child.

Vulnerable children, families and more so adolescent rights are always exploited and under minded. In protection of teenage mothers, their children and vulnerable children we focus on the three areas (birth registration, justice and health) i.e. birth registration which is the first and most important right of identity is applied to both the teenage mothers and the children.

Second protection is through justice for children. Cases of teenage mothers below 18 years, require judicial intervention for redress. As an organization, we offer pro bono legal service. This service covers injustice like rape and compensation to families and provision for the child yet to be born or already born.

Another aspect of protection is health. We endeavor to encourage the teenage mothers to attend ANC and PNC, take the child to the clinic for health check and most important to receive all immunization services as marked for the child. All this is done to ensure healthy growth and development that help reduce on medical and care cost,in the long run. We also take caution to ensure that those who might be HIV positive receive service and care they deserve. In-addition protection and prevention of teenage pregnancy is also achievable when the adolescent girls are able to indulge in activities that keep them away from possibility of having sex and eventually unplanned pregnancy. So we endeavor to inform the adolescent girls of various ways they can spend their time in productive manner, help them learn from those who have had teenage pregnancy challenge as their mentors to avoid the same.

Economic Empowerment

TMCSF imparts practical skills to the teenage mothers to empower them to become economically self reliant, healthy and build stable future for their children through collaborative partnerships.

Girls in Uganda are highly vulnerable to sexual exploitation due to economic challenges hence promote various economic interventions. We seek out businesses and encourage them to provide economic opportunities for young people’s work. TMCSF imparts practical skills to the teenage mothers to empower them to become economically self reliant, healthy and build stable future for their children. Currently teenage mothers are trained to, bake products like cake, bread and bans (catering skilling); make craft materials like paper beads, mats, necklaces, earnings, bags and bangles (art & crafts skilling), practice/participate in horticulture projects, Cosmetic beautification and Hairdressing. Organizing teenage mothers in group to participate in Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA) and supporting them to offer credit services to teenage mothers for their business expansion since girls with access to and control over economic resources are more likely to invest in their families.