Nanyunja Sharon

The girl had been relocated from the village in masaka as a result of no support and funds, but we have footed the necessary bills and brought her back to town where we are availing her with the necessitated health process to making sure that she attends all her antenatal steps. We have also researched and managed to locate the boy’s family, and made them aware of the dangers of their own and also acknowledging that indeed their son is the father. Where by the family is not doing well, Nanyunja Sharon gave birth on 18 march 2016 at KCCA Healthy center four in Kisenyi Kampala district, Sharon who apparently has no hope to both families apart from (TMCSF) Teenage mothers and child support foundation to enable her access good healthy and a meaningful life in the future and ensure that the baby is in proper health. And also we strive for this because we feel the child should have a sense of belonging.

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