Nantume Fiona

Nantume Fiona is a 16 year old girl who resides in Banda Wakiso district with her mother Nabiryo Federeise. The mother used to pay her school dues and gives her all the necessary requirements for school. Fiona and her mum used to work at quarry site in Banda. She had a friend called Moses they used to work together at the same quarry site. While at the quarry site, Fiona and Moses started a relationship. In 2015, Fiona joined senior two and while she was about to go back to school in May, Moses requested if she would go and visit him before she goes to school which Fiona accepted. When she visited Moses, she cleaned the house, washed clothes as well as cooking. After the work, Moses seduced Fiona and they eventually had sex. Fiona went back to school and after a month while at school she started falling sick and at the same time missed her periods. The sickness persisted and she was given permission to go back home for treatment. Fiona reached home and she continued to keep her secret though she was taken to the hospital for medication. She went to the quarry site to meet Moses and told him that she was pregnant. Moses was so shocked to hear about the news and he opted for an abortion because he was scared of the consequences of impregnating Fiona. He even gave her UGX 25,000 to aid her carry out the abortion. She did not agree because she feared to loose her life in the process of aborting. Fiona went back to her parent’s home and stayed for a week waiting for what Moses was planning for her. With in the same week, Moses went to his father Mr. Manyaka David and informed him about what had happened. Later Moses’ dad called Fiona and asked her if she was ready to abort because his son had requested for UGX 200,000 to give her to abort. Fiona accepted but in actual sense all she wanted was to get the money in order to start up a small business that would support her and the baby. Time reached Fiona to go back to school and her mum bought her all the necessary requirements she needed. She left home and went to a friend’s place where she stayed for two days as she waited for Moses since they had made plans to go to the village as Fiona could not go back to school or even stay at her parent’s home with the pregnancy. Moses and Fiona set off to Moses’ home village where they stayed for two months but life was not so good on Fiona’s side since she often fell sick and she was always admitted to hospital. After the two months, Moses left the village and came back to Kampala to work and promised to always send money to Fiona to take care of herself and the pregnancy as well. Fiona tried to call and tell Moses to send her money to go to hospital he told her he did not have money. Fiona was later taken to hospital by her mother-in-law. She kept calling and asking Moses money for up keep and he told her he did not have money and even told her to go to his parents. Fiona went through hard time for the five months in the village as she could at times sleep without eating because she was tired of begging for food and money in the village in order to survive. In august, her sister in-law Eva who had just completed campus came back to her parents. Fiona was ok staying with her in-law and so she spent the night with her. In the morning, Eva opened up quarrel on Fiona insulting her and calling her all kinds of names accusing her that she had come to steal their entire father’s wealth because she was carrying his brothers baby, and all she did was to cry without replying her anything. One day, Eva’s boyfriend came to visit her at home and on reaching, Eva was not yet home so he decided to wait for her. Eva later came back home and got boyfriend was unhappy with Fiona since he was so nice to her. Eva abused Fiona and told her to go back to her parent’s home. Later on with in the same week as Eva’s boyfriend was heading to Kampala, he got an accident and died on spot Fiona was accused of killing Eva’s boyfriend because she is a witch. On hearing the news, Moses returned to the village to attend the burial. On reaching the village, Eva narrated the story on how Fiona had killed her boyfriend and she instilled hatred of Fiona into his brother. Moses picked all his clothes from the room they stayed with Fiona and shifted to the next room. Moses hated Fiona to the extent of telling her that once she gives birth, she should live the child and go back to her parent’s home because he was not ready to stay with her because he feared that she would kill him too. Fiona told Moses that she was ready to go back to her parents since she had been so patient with her sister in-law Eva who had made her life a living hell for all the months he had stayed in the village. One night, Eva came to Fiona’s house and started throwing stones and sent for paraffin to burn down the house. On hearing the noise, Fiona called her mother-in-law since she had been given her a phone to contact her in case of anything since she stayed in the house alone. Fiona called for help and they came to her rescue. Eva felt so guilty of what she was about to do and she ran away. When Moses was told about what Eva was going to do to Fiona, he said that he does not care about her any more. Fiona later talked to Moses’ parents and told them that she was not ready to die from their place and if it means going back to her parents to apologise for what she had done, she was ready to do it because if her mother gave birth to her then she would at least listen and forgive her for what she had done. Fiona organised her things and left the village to go back to her parent’s home. When she reached her mother asked her why she was back because she thought Fiona would never return home since she had married her self off with out the mothers notice and she told her to go back to the husbands place. Fiona did not say any thing to the mother because she passed through a lot while in the village and she decided to look around for a nearby church since it was new-year day in order to attend prayers till morning. In the morning she went back home and on reaching, her mother asked her where she had spent the night and as to why she came back from the husband’s place. Fiona did not tell her mother the life she had gone through while in the village but all she told her is that she had come back to continue with her studies. Fiona asked for forgiveness from her mother. The mother told her she would forgive her and also take her back to school. At 9 months and 3 weeks, Fiona got labour pains and she was taken to Naguru teenage centre. On reaching the place, the doctor examined her and told them that she was not yet ready to give birth to the baby or else they get money and she gets an operation yet they had no money. On that very day she gave birth to bouncing baby girl without getting any complications since she delivered normally and all people were surprised. Fiona is a currently one of the teenage mothers being supported by TMCSF. She receives counselling participates in capacity building sessions and has taken keen interest in learning skills in making liquid soup and craft materials.

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