Nantanza Merida

Merida is one the identified teenage mothers at TMCSF. She was raised by a window and conceived at early age of 14 in 2014 when she was in primary seven. She was impregnated by a senior two boy named Michel Samadu and gave birth to a baby girl early 2015. Merida said that the first time the boy saw her it was during holidays when she had gone to the trading center and the boy proposed to have a relationship with her. She accepted but took some time like one month without sleeping with him. But when she slept with the boy for the second time she got pregnant. When she told the boy about the pregnancy but he thought she was lying him but later he accepted and proposed to take her at his place. When the girl went to his place he stopped caring about her, even her mother in-law did not like her and sometimes the boy could not come back home where she was staying. She told her mother about the situation and the mother told her to go back home. After some time Merida’s mother went to the boy’s family to complain but the boy replied that he will not give any help. She came back and chased Merida from her home telling her to go back to the boys place. She ran to ran to her sister’s place Sarah where she gave birth to her baby. Then the sister informed the mother that she gave birth, the mother also informed the boy’s family but the boy did not respond to date the baby is one year and some months. It’s the sister taking who takes care of her with the baby and yet sister also has two children and she is a single parent. She now lives with the sister in Kigandani village Bweyogerere and they sleep in one roomed house which is not enough for all of them. The sister is works in a small restaurant a while Merida remains home with the kids and sometimes with no food or a meal once meal a day. Merida said she looks forward to be involved in any economic activity like hair plating and any other activity which can make her earn some small income to keep her with the baby. She is happy to be one of the teenage mothers being supported by TMCSF through skills training. Merida at TMCSF office with her baby

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