Nalweyiso Sarah

Nalweyiso is a primary six pupil who was impregnated by a man that her and her parents know. This she was impregnated at around 10:00am as she was going to the well fetch water where met the man who forced her to the bush. He forced himself on her and threatened to kill her if she screamed. He further commanded her not to inform any one and that if she did so, she would cut her into pieces. When the pregnancy began showing, he took her to Kampala to work as a house maid. This was done without the consent of the parents or knowledge of anyone known to Nalweyiso. He transported her to Kampala in Nansana to a household owned by one Lucy who is an ex-wife to the culprit. She worked for two months; however Lucy realized that Sarah is pregnant and started asking who impregnated her. She informed her it’s her ex-husband responsible. When Lucy contacted the ex-husband, he suggested that she should abort. Fortunately, Lucy found a phone number in Nalweyiso`s bag belonging to her mother who responded immediately and Nalweyiso was rescued. Later Nalweyiso was taken for an HIV test and the culprit was arrested. However development on the arrest and prosecution of the culprit is still under investigation by the TMCSF protection team and organizations legal aid service providers. There has never been a court hearing on the matter pertaining to the rape, defilement and kidnapping case and the prison where the culprit was transferred is not well known to the victim and her family. Nalweyiso is currently living under the custody of Teenage Mothers and Child Support Foundation for the sake of her protection from the culprit`s threats. The organisation also wants to ensure that Nalweyiso receives the best antenatal care as well as provide the appropriate social space to her through our teenage mother foster home.

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