Naigaga Sharon

Sharon left her home town of Mbale at the age of 15, in quest for greener pastures in the urban areas of central Uganda, after dropping out of primary six due to lack of school fees by her parents. She was directed to a job in kikoni Entebbe district where she was to work as a housemaid, she took up the offer and served as a house help. During this time, she came across a one Namakali Steven Ivan who seduced her into a sexual relationship which eventually led into pregnancy. At the age of 16, Sharon was faced with the challenge of motherhood as the pregnancy was gradually growing. She then opted to share the news with Steven (alleged father) who suggested abortion as the only way out; however, Sharon declined the offer and asked him to man up and take up his responsibility as a father. Instead, Steven escaped from all this by switching off his cell phone, leaving the apartment he was occupying for another undisclosed one and totally varnishing from Sharon’s life. When her employer realized she was pregnant, Sharon was fired from her job and left for the streets. It’s at this point when she thought of using the little salary she had earned to go back to her fathers’ home in Mbale, explain to them what had befallen her and seek her parents support in this. The reception was however not rosy at all as her father ordered her to go and stay with the man who impregnated her. Sharon all confused, opted to go back to Kampala and fight through life on her own. She managed to get another casual job as a waitress in a local restaurant within the areas of mbuya central region. Here she was earning ug.shs.3000/= per day, barely enough for a decent single meal per day for a pregnant mother. Amidst these harsh conditions, she was also fired from this place when the pregnancy was around eight months. It’s at this stage when a concerned onlooker picked interest in her condition and directed her to the Teenage Mothers and Child Support Foundation headquarters in bweyogerere, namulondo building, where she meet our commendable team which immediately drew an intervention schedule to her situation. Child: Nekesa Adrianna, 6 months old. Today, Sharon is among our clients, mothers under our care and baby Adrianna among our ever growing list of children.

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