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Teenage Mothers & Child Support Foundation’s (TMCSF) VISION is: Sustaining a status of a respectable woman in society.

Teenage Mothers & Child Support Foundation’s (TMCSF) MISSION is: Uplifting the life style of the marginalized girl-child to be able to live a meaningful life.


Teenage Mothers and Child Support Foundation (TMCSF) is a non-profit making organization that started in 2012 after realizing that there was a need to control the rate at which teenage pregnancies where widely occurring. On conducting several surveys, it showed us that the girl child has been liberated from many social injustices like early marriages, denial of education, domestic violence and child labour among others; however pregnancy levels among teenage girls keeps increasing in most parts of the country. It’s against this background that the founder members felt the need to rise up and demarcate ways through which we can help the victims and also work together with local authority to create an end to this vice.


Hon. Dr. Justice Winfred Nabisinde


Brian Ssebatindira

Board Member

Najjuma Juliet

Board Member

John Bosco Amuno

Board Member

Nakiganda Lydia

Board Member


Ruto Grace

Programs Manager
Advocacy, Research & Networking

Ociti Justin

Deputy Programs Director

Amoit Beatrice

Programs Manager

Bakojja James

Programs Manager


For the past years dating as early as 2010, Uganda has had the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in sub- Saharan Africa at over 25% despite the numerous laws put in place criminalizing defilement, gender discrimination and other forms of child violence. The Uganda National Adolescents Health Policy defines adolescents as people between the ages of 10 and 19. This is broadly seen as the active age when society would expect the girl child of today to be pursuing their studies prior to participating in the development of our country. We have often discussed issues affecting women concentrating on gender discrimination, domestic violence , poverty, ownership of land and poverty seldom do we talk about this vice of teenage pregnancy which is certainly a ticking time bomb consuming society right from the grass root. Pregnant teenagers face many of the same obstetrics issues as other women. There are however additional medical concerns for mothers aged under 15. For mothers aged 15 – 19, risks are associated more with Socio-economic factors than with the biological effects of age which include low birth weight, premature labor, Anemia and pre-eclampsia. The concept is broad, and we as Teenage mothers and child support foundation a team of dedicated social workers have developed convincing research to the issue with ideal case studies in the areas of Eastern Uganda.


As an organization, we have identified our goals in the Sustainable Development Goals and we contribute to 10 goals of the 17 SDGs.


In 2000, 189 countries of the world came together to face the future and what they saw was daunting. Famines. Drought. Wars. Plagues. Poverty. The perennial problems of the world. Not just in some faraway place, but in their own cities, towns and villages.

The leaders knew that billions of people worldwide shared their hope for a better future. So leaders from these countries created a plan called Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). This set of 8 goals imagined a future just 15 years of that would be rid of poverty and hunger.

The progress in the 15 years was tremendous and now the leaders in these contries want to build on the many successes of the past 15 years and go further. The new set of goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aims to end poverty and hunger by 2030.

The future is one where everybody has enough food and can work and where living on less than $1.25 a day is a thing of the past.

As TMCS Foundation we contribute to the SDGs by supporting Teenage mothers in Uganda and empowering them to raise better children and have a productive life themselves.